Offers for schools and groups

The Bridges Kammerorchester has been working with Frankfurt schools since it was founded. This resulted in the major production Glokale Welthits in Frankfurt with the choir of the Henri-Dunant-Schule, which premiered in 2022 as part of the season-opening festival Mitten am Rand at the Alte Oper Frankfurt, as well as the district opera Die Magie der Musik. In projects such as the Bridges Dolmuș, the focus is on transcultural music-making in weekly music lessons.

The projects for schools and groups are aimed at different age groups and can take the form of one-day workshops or projects lasting several weeks with a final concert.

Nicola Vock, Head of Education & Community


Bridges Dolmuș

The Bridges Dolmuș transforms music lessons at elementary school into a transcultural session for class orchestras.


Glokale Welthits in Frankfurt

Local world hits in Frankfurt – every musical tradition has them: so-called (world) hits that everyone knows. But who is „everyone“ here?



Die Magie der Musik is the first Stadtteiloper (district opera) by the Bridges Kammerorchester and the students of the Henri-Dunant-Schule in Frankfurt.