Bridges Community

We take responsibility


Making music together with the musicians of the Bridges Kammerorchester will give you an insight into our trans-traditional and trans-cultural sound language.

The idea

Our community projects reflect the idea that started it all in 2016:  Bridges – Musik verbindet. Through musical dialog, we connect people and make the cultural diversity of our society audible. We create a space to tell and empathize with stories in a musical way, to listen and communicate in the context of different cultures and traditional musical languages. In this way, we adopt different perspectives, learn from each other and experience a positive culture of plurality.

We want to share the touching nature of transcultural music, as we experience it in the Bridges Kammerorchester, with everyone who is interested. In our constantly growing community, amateur, semi-professional and professional musicians create transcultural music and community.

We look forward to meeting you!

Bridges Session

The session takes place monthly and gives professional and ambitious musicians the opportunity to play and experience transtraditional music. We look forward to meeting you!


Ensemble Dusti

Our ensemble Dusti (Persian for friendship) consists of amateur musicians and plays transcultural music from North, South, East and West.