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We are revolutionising the concert experience


We are shaped by different cultures and musical styles. We compose our concert repertoire ourselves. This creates our unique Bridges sound. We combine individual know-how and are experts in Arabic, Persian, and European classical music, jazz, contemporary music, Eastern European folklore and various forms of Central Asian and Latin American music. This makes us a truly unique ensemble in Europe.

We perform in renowned venues such as the Casals Forum in Kronberg, the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg and many more. Our debut album Identigration, released in 2021 in co-production with the hr, received the German Record Critics’ Award 2/2021 (category Grenzgänge). In 2024 we were accepted into the federal program Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft Deutschland.


Michael Belsky
+ 49 (0)172 1876337


Bridges Kammerorchester

Since our establishment in the autumn of 2019, we have been uniting freelance musicians and their instruments from various regions of the European, Asian, and American continents. Each person contributes their unique (musical) cultural experience. We are experts in Arabic, Persian, and European classical music, jazz, contemporary music, Eastern European folklore and various forms of Central Asian and Latin American music. Based on our diverse personalities, we compose and arrange the majority of our repertoire ourselves. The result is transcultural music.

Our Bridges Sound

Our music stands for diversity and makes audible the plurality of the society living in Germany. In addition to string, wind, and percussion instruments, we include plucked instruments from various regions of the world. Together we create something new and revolutionise the concert experience.

Our Conductors

We work with a variety of regular guest conductors, including Bar Avni, Olivia Clarke, Farhad Garayusifli, Leo Hussein, Nicholas Kok, Gregor A. Mayrhofer, Corinna Niemeyer, Eva Pons, Harish Shankar, Nabil Shehata, Nil Venditti, Martin Wettges und Yalda Zamani.

Our Guest Composers

In addition to our own compositions, we commission compositions from composers of diverse styles, including Majid Derakhshani, Atefeh Einali, Golfam Khayam, Jonas Krischke, Kioomars Musayyebi, Takako Ono, Daniel Osorio, Enjott Schneider and Khadija Zeynalova.

Our Soloists

We regularly integrate guest soloists into our concert projects, e.g. Sara Al Agha (mezzo-soprano), Jouana Dahough (mezzo-soprano), László Fenyő (violoncello), Javier Agustín León (tenor), Kioomars Musayyebi (santur), Muriel Razavi (viola), Alon Sariel (mandolin), Takuya Taniguchi (taiko) and Itamar Zorman (violin).

Our Awards

The Bridges Kammerorchester was accepted into Germany’s “Excellent Orchestral Landscape“ programme in 2024 and will make its debut at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg in August 2024 as part of the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival. Since September 2022 it has been an Orchestra in Residence at Kronberg Academy’s Casals Forum. In both 2022 and 2023, it was nominated for the shortlist of the German Orchestra Foundation’s “Innovative Prize”. It is one of the winners of the Hessen Integration Prize and received the Frankfurt Diversity and Integration Prize 2022 as well as the German Record Critics’ Award 2/2021 (“Crossover Productions” category) for its 2021 debut album, which was co-produced with the Hessischer Rundfunk. In 2019 the Bridges Kammerorchester was honoured with The Power of the Arts, one of the most highly endowed cultural sponsorship awards in Germany, as a nationwide lighthouse project for diversity and integration, and in 2018 with the Special Impact Prize of the KfW Stiftung.

Our Foundation

The Bridges Kammerorchester was founded in 2019 by Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff and Anke Karen Meyer in Frankfurt am Main. The impetus for the foundation came from the current musicians in the core ensemble, who were seeking a sustainable basis for transcultural musical collaboration.


  • Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff | Flute

    Principal wind instruments, Artistic director, Program planning, Composer & Arranger

  • Vladimir Dindiryakov | Kaval


  • Yazan Alsabbagh | Clarinet

    Composer & Arranger

  • Peter Klohmann | Saxophone

    Assistant artistic director, Composer & Arranger

  • Carmen Zarco | Horn

  • Andrés Rosales | Tiple/E-guitar

    Principal plucked instruments , Composer & Arranger

  • Salim Salari | Tar

    Arranger & Composer

  • Eleanna Pitsikaki | Kanun

    2nd Principal plucked instruments, Composer & Arranger, Head of Bridges Sessions, Education

  • Cham Saloum | Oud

  • Dennis Merz | Guitar

    Program planning, Composer & Arranger, Education

  • Enkhtuya Jambaldorj | Mongolian Shudraga

  • Samira Memarzadeh | Harp

    Education, Direction Ensemble Dusti

  • Youssef Laktina | Percussion

    Principal Percussion, Education

  • Ramin Rahmi | Percussion

  • Hagit Halaf | 1st Violin


  • Walid Khatba | 1st Violin

    Arranger & Composer

  • Vladislav Belopoukhov | 1st Violin

    Orchestra board

  • Michael Makarov | 2nd Violin

    Principal 2nd Violin

  • Zolo Klingen | 2nd Violin

  • Alireza Meghrazi Solouklou | Kamanche

  • Christoph Emmanuel Langheim | Viola

    Principal Viola, Arranger

  • Rabie Azar | Viola

    Composer & Arranger

  • Gabriel Mientka | Violoncello

    Principal Violoncello, Composer & Arranger

  • Deniz Ayşe Birdal | Violoncello

  • Nicola Pacha Vock | Double bass

    Principal Double bass, Head of Education & Community

  • Eduardo Sabella | Double bass/E-bass


Mission Statement

We are the sound of our society

We are the Bridges Kammerorchester. We are characterised by different cultures, musical styles, and experiences. We create our unique Bridges sound from the diversity of our individual artistic identities. Our music renders immigrant societies audible. This positions us as an international role model that combines artistic excellence with social impact. 

Diversity is our identity

The Bridges Kammerorchester brings together musicians and their instruments from the most diverse regions of the world. We are experts in Arabic, Persian, and European classical music, jazz, contemporary music, Eastern European folklore and various forms of Central Asian and Latin American music. Drawing from our diverse personalities, we compose and arrange our pieces ourselves. The result is transcultural music. 

We are revolutionising the concert experience

Our concerts are personal. The musicians’ joy in the collaborative creative process spills over into our audiences. At performances, we tell the stories behind the works we perform and give the music a context. Musical innovation and artistic interaction are more important to us than conventions. The atmosphere, unique repertoire, world premieres and improvisation make each of our concerts unique. We appeal to different communities and bring a wide variety of people to the music. This is how we fill concert halls.  

We empower through music  

When we listen to each other, similarities and differences become productive. We bring this expertise to our mediation and community work. Through music, we empower people in their personal development so that they can confidently help shape the social framework. We explore and convey practices for a society in which diversity is a strength.  

We are an impact-oriented social enterprise  

We take responsibility. As an organisation, we are constantly questioning ourselves critically and working together to overcome discriminatory structures. With our work, we promote a culturally rich and positive coexistence. The relevance of our work must also be recognised in monetary terms. We endeavour to pay our musicians and employees fairly and consistently. As an independent orchestra, we set new standards for social sustainability. 


Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff

Artistic Director | CEO
+49 (0)176 61931761

Anke Karen Meyer

Financial Director | CEO
+49 (0)162 6823119

Peter Klohmann

Assistant artistic director

Christian Sebastian Nickel

Stage manager | Ensemble-Booking
+49 (0)151 68560215

Nicola Pacha Vock

Head of education & community

Laila Mahmoud

Employee education & community

Rebekka Brienen

Project manager communication

Martina Fritz

Office management

Annika Berghäuser

Working student

Jessica Flügel

Voluntary social year in culture


Samira Memarzadeh

Employee education & community

Eleanna Pitsikaki

Employee community

Rabie Azar

Assistant Bridges Sessions



Complementarity is our vibrancy – and the title of our second album, released in March 2024. The works of the orchestra members are full of multi-layered experiences and reflections and represent the unique liveliness of the Bridges sound. They include soloist Lázló Fenyö, Violoncello (winner of the International Pablo Casals Competition), Bar Avni (1st Prize La Maestra, Paris 2024), und Harish Shankar (designated General Music Director of the Schleswig-Holstein State Theatre in Flensburg). Complementarity was nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award 02/2024 in the category of Crossover Productions.

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