Bridges Education

We empower through music


Our transcultural education projects are aimed at pupils, students and people of all ages with an interest in changing musical perspectives. They aim to bring transcultural music into everyday (school) life or make it tangible in music theater.

This is because it makes the cultural diversity of our society visible and audible. Pupils in particular feel recognized in their complexity. In our musicians, they discover role models who reflect their own multi-layered identity and the ambivalence that comes with it and make it possible to discuss it.

Tiny Bridges

Tiny Bridges performs music theater and participatory concerts for children and young people at schools, concert halls and festivals.


For schools & groups

Whether it’s a transcultural class orchestra, transcultural band or district opera: our authentic diversity appeals to pupils.


For universities

Teaching transcultural music competently. We work together with colleges and universities to anchor music-cultural diversity in teaching.