The trio SeZeh (Farsi: „three string instruments“) presents the unique sound of string instruments in a very unusual way: with the Persian spiked violin kamanche, a viola played in Arabic and the Central European cello. In this special line-up, Alireza Meghrazi (Kamanche), Rabie Azar (Viola) and Anka Hirsch (Violoncello) play music from Bach to the Beatles, from Persian and Arabic music to jazz. The focus is on transcultural original compositions and arrangements in which traditional and classical Arabic and Persian music and jazz improvisation meet classical string sounds.

Alireza Meghrazi Solouklou first began playing the violin, also learned the kamanche and studied harmony, composition and solfège. He has appeared on radio and television and has played in renowned Iranian orchestras, among others. Alireza Meghrazi Solouklou was awarded Best Kamanche Player at the Tehran Music Festival and Best Composer at the Folk Music Festival. He has also released several music albums, including Aghaie Sama, Zarchon baharan, Norouznamak and Shooride.

Rabie Azar studied viola in Damascus and is trained in classical European, traditional and classical Arabic music as well as contemporary pop music. He was a member of the Syrian National Orchestra, the National Syrian Orchestra of Arabic Music and the Mediterranean Orchestra, among others. International tours have taken him to Spain, Italy, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon and the Arab Emirates. Rabie Azar has also taught violin and viola at Al Baath University in Homs and the Sulhi al Wadi Institute for Music in Damascus. He is a founding member, composer and arranger of the Bridges Kammerorchester and a member of the Bridges ensembles Meyjana Trio and Lel.

Anka Hirsch studied cello, composition, jazz and music education in Berlin. As a musician and composer, she dedicates herself to the fields of jazz, improvisation, global music and theater music – in solo projects as well as in various bands. Anka Hirsch studied Arabic and North Indian music at the Oriental Music Academy in Mannheim and percussion at the Frame Drum Academy in Freiburg. She has been active with Bridges – Musik verbindet since 2018.


Alireza Meghrazi Kamanche
Rabie Azar Viola
Anka Hirsch Violoncello

Fotos © Salar Baygan