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      • Sendehinweis

        5 years Bridges Kammerorchester

        On July 16 at 10:05 p.m., Deutschlandfunk broadcast the program Brücken aus Klängen on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Bridges Kammerorchester. In the run-up to the program, journalist Jochanan Shelliem conducted numerous interviews with members of the orchestra.

        Click here for the program

      • Streaming-Premiere

        Exploring the space beyond

        The Bridges Kammerorchester’s program Exploring the space beyond was celebrated with standing ovations in the hr-Sendesaal in April. If you were unable to attend or would like to hear the works again, you can now enjoy the concert via stream.

        Click here for the stream

      • Premiere

        Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival

        The Bridges Kammerorchester will make its debut at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg in August 2024 as part of the Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival. Under the title Bridges to Venice, the orchestra has put together a program that focuses on the cosmopolitan charisma of Venice.

      • Our Awards

        Longlist German Record Critics‘ Award

        Complementarity was nominated for the German Record Critics’ Award 02/2024 in the category of Crossover Productions. Complementarity is our vibrancy – and the title of our second album, released in March 2024. The works of the orchestra members are full of multi-layered experiences and reflections and represent the unique liveliness of the Bridges sound.

      • Education

        Participatory district opera

        The premiere of the district opera Die Magie der Musik is a special milestone in the long-standing cooperation with the Henri-Dunant-Schule in Frankfurt-Sossenheim. The result is a music theater project about friendship, nature and dreams, which students have developed and performed together with musicians from the Bridges Kammerorchester.

      • Education

        New education production

        Superheld*innen is the name of the new production by the education ensemble Tiny Bridges. And who wouldn’t want them: superpowers! For the first time, the ensemble is focusing on a new target group and its participatory concert is aimed at pupils in years 5 to 7.


      • Federal program

        Inclusion in the federal program Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft

        The Bridges Kammerorchester is one of the 16 orchestras supported by the federal program Exzellente Orchesterlandschaft – a special appreciation of the Bridges Kammerorchester and its innovative artistic projects.


        Bridges Kammerorchester

        We are revolutionising the concert experience. Our music renders immigrant societies audible. The Bridges Kammerorchester brings diversity to the stage, the audience and the venues.


        Bridges Ensembles

        The Bridges Ensembles bring our transcultural sound to any location – from duo to quintet. The individual artistic identities of the ensemble members shape the repertoire.


        Bridges Education

        We promote transcultural music education and empower children and young people with music theater and hands-on activities. We pass on our experience and expertise with transcultural music in workshops and in a university context. 


        Bridges Community

        In our community projects, (semi-) professional musicians can make music together with musicians from the Bridges Kammerorchester. We create a lively community in which the focus is on learning from each other and musical encounters.



        „The Bridges Kammerorchester is the orchestra of our time. In the orchestra as well as in the ensembles, in education and community formats, the wonderful diversity of music can be experienced. The Bridges Kammerorchester makes clear what is possible in a post-migrant society: a new whole that is more than the sum of its parts. This makes the beauty of diversity audible.“

        Prof. Dr. Meron Mendel, Director of the Bildungsstätte Anne Frank
        Foto © Ali Ghandtschi
        Foto © Katarina Ivanisevic

        „The Bridges Kammerorchester engages with our society and seeks musical dialog. Playing together in different time signatures creates friction. Contemporary music that connects – with a lot of feeling.“

        Hadija Haruna-Oelker, journalist/author

        „The Bridges Kammerorchester is a great ambassador for our region. It not only brings together outstanding musicians, but also combines musical influences from all over the world to create a unique blend. Diversity enriches and inspires. The ensemble conveys this through music. Bridges could not be better suited to our times and our colorful region. I’m already looking forward to the next concert.“ 

        Kaweh Mansoori, Hessian Minister of Economics and Deputy Prime Minister
        Foto © Paul Schneider/Hessische Staatskanzlei